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Super Metal Mons started as a project with my brother and I in which we curated our own GAN model using mini figures and toys to generate these characters. ( ✦ super mons gen 1super mons gen 2 ✦)

IMG_1992 2.PNG

We built a lore surrounding these figures that involved ancient GAN rocks falling from the sky.

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These rocks were mined and within contained precious materials. Sometimes these materials formed into incredible sculpted mini figures, and metal mons became very sought after by some nobles and art collectors for their unique forms and wonderful colors.



These super metal figures were made of different physical matter- from gummy and clay to metal and gem-like. They were also each given a type by their original owner based on their features and personality.

The types include angels, demons, drainers, mystics, and spirits. Each having a specific role/power in a strategy game created by the original owners. Angels heal and protect. Demons attack. Drainers collect and drain mana. Mystics are ranged attackers. And spirits control the board.


Play irl

We are building a chess-like strategy game where you will collect these monster characters, build a team with them and battle against friends. There will be 2 ways to play this game. One way will be a physical irl tabletop game on a cloth playmat or concrete board with porcelain pieces of each of the figures.